2 Anarchy & Ecstasy, by Peter Lamborn Wilson

2 Anarchy & Ecstasy, by Peter Lamborn Wilson

2 Anarchy & Ecstasy, by Peter Lamborn Wilson

“[F]or its delirious rhetoric, it deserves a proud place on the shelf labeled Chaos.”

~ Peter Lamborn Wilson

The text read this episode is available in Spiritual Destinations of an Anarchist, selected essays of Peter Lamborn Wilson, published 2015 by Ardent Press, an imprint of Little Black Cart, Berkeley CA

This essay was written as a response to and review of John Moore’s Anarchy & Ecstasy: Visions of Halcyon Days, originally from Aporia Press but now out of print, which you may freely access and download in a variety of formats for your use or distribution at The Anarchist Library.


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