2 thoughts on “170 Ted Kaczynski and Why He Matters, by John Jacobi

  1. Pity people always find a “scapegoat”, a “patsy”. My brother is not alone in blaming all the worlds woes on Capitalism. Now we have “The Industrial Revolution” – another abstract noun !. Its all diversion.
    You may as well blame Gravity if you trip up and hurt youself ! Or if you fall into an unmarked, nor fenced roadwork. The problem is with the people that provided no safety precautions.
    Likewise chemical pollution of the environment is not the fault of an abstract noun, nor even chemists. Its the fault of corporate financiers concerned Soley with making as much money as they can – and the politicians they buy.

  2. Ligitimized !
    Obliged !
    Why oh why do “Americans” have to bugger the English language ?!
    I cannot even write their corrupted words.
    Also this effing “genius” not only “queers the pitch” of poor folk happy to live in a shack on their own in a clean natural environment, without degrading it – whilst providing all the excuse that the authoritarians in government need to introduce new “anti terror” laws, and create market for more technology throughout the world supposedly to that end. All while using technology to make bombs !. And making himself look like “the good guy blowing up the evil -… “nazis” ?
    What a PoS.

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