363 The Critique of Ideology 2, by John Carroll

363 The Critique of Ideology 2, by John Carroll

363 The Critique of Ideology 2, by John Carroll

This chapter is from the book “Break-Out From the Crystal Palace, The anarcho-psychological critique: Stirner, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky” by John Carroll and published by Routledge. The chapter “The Critique of Ideology” will be covered in eight (8) episodes. I am reading from the first edition (1974) and have linked the second edition (2010) pdf below.

Break-Out From the Crystal Palace (2nd ed. 2010)


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One thought on “363 The Critique of Ideology 2, by John Carroll

  1. Roots of the Right was published in the 1970s by Harper Torchbooks (Harper & Row). The general editor was George Steiner. They’re difficult to locate copies of, but I do own The French Right, have held the Ego and Its Own edition, reading Carroll’s introduction as featured therein, and currently have a copy of the Gobineau edition in the post.

    From the series preface:

    “These ‘black books’ fill an almost complete gap in the source material available to any serious student of modern history, psychology, politics and sociology (most of the texts have never been available in English and several have all but disappeared in their original language). But these books also touch on the intractable puzzle of the co-existence in the same mind of profound inhumanity and obvious philosophic and literary importance.”
    — G. Steiner

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